All classes are located in the upper Legacy Center in the classrooms

Membership Blitz

You will complete all the requirements for membership in one morning. A light breakfast and pizza lunch will be served!

Class: 1 Session | Saturday, May 6th from 9am-1pm |


Ministering Divine Healing

You will learn what the Bible has to say regarding divine healing as well as receive practical training in praying for the sick and ministering divine healing to others.

Instructor is: 

     Mary Lawrence, Director of Divine Healing Ministry

Class duration: 4 Weeks | Sundays April 23rd through May 14th at 9 am |

Health and Wellness: Stress and It's Connection to Major Chronic Diseases

This class will reveal surprising connections between chronic stress and various chronic diseases. But more importantly you will be given the tools to identify and eradicate chronic stress from your life, thereby producing an overall healthier you!

Instructor is: 

      Judy Mays, Holistic nutritionist and herbalist. Graduate of Kingdom College of Natural Health.

Class duration: 4 Weeks | Part 1: Sundays, March 5th and 12th, 9am |

Marriage Class

Using the John and Lisa Bevere curriculum “The Story of Marriage”, this study will help you rediscover God’s original plan for your marriage. This class is appropriate for all married and engaged couples.

Instructors are: 

      Mark and Meliza Fender, Directors of WHC Marriage Covenant Ministry

Class duration: 6 Weeks | Sundays, March 19th through April 30th (We will be off for Easter Sunday) |

Introduction to Ebay Online Selling

Instructors are: 

      Mary Kuettner

Class duration: 2 Weeks | June 4th and June 11th | 8:30am in the Upstairs of the Collis house

Forever Free

This is the longest running and most asked for course at our church.

Forever Free will teach you how to use the Word of God to obtain freedom in every area of your Christian walk and learn to stay free. Whether you have major areas that need improvement, or you just want to grow in your walk with God, this course is a must!

Instructors are: 

      Carolyn Moore, Licensed Pastoral Christian Counselor; Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling

Class duration: 6 Weeks | May 7th through June 11th |

Authenticity for Women

Utilizing “Girls With Swords” by Lisa Bevere, you will study the process to live more authentically; bringing the very best out of you to powerfully impact your world for good.

Instructor is: 

      Faith Barnes, Director of Virtuous Women Ministry, WHC

Class duration: 6 Weeks | July 9th through August 13th at 8:30 am |

Forgiveness and Boundaries

If you have relationships with other humans, you need this course! You will learn to truly forgive others and establish healthy boundaries to protect your relationships in the future.

Instructor is: 

      Carolyn Moore, Licensed Pastoral Christian Counselor; Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling

Class duration: 3 Weeks | Sundays, August 20th through September 3rd at 9 am |

Biblical Finances

In this refreshing course, you will gain understanding regarding the proper use of your money and what is your responsibility toward the Lord and His Kingdom. Along the way you will gain lots of practical help with everyday spending decisions and future planning.

Instructor is: 

     Elder Willie and Flossie Russell, Author of “Yea, Though I Walk through the Valley of Debt”

Class duration: 5 Weeks | Sundays, September 10th through October 8th at 9 am |

Releasing the Pain of the Past

Baggage from the past can hinder the blessings of the present and the future. Why carry around old, hurtful stuff? Learn to let it go and receive the total healing that God intends for you to experience.

Instructor is: 

      Carolyn Moore, Licensed Pastoral Christian Counselor; Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling

Class duration: 3 Weeks | Sundays, October 15th through October 29th at 9 am |


Instructor is: 

     Mickey and Suellen Estes, Pastors for 17 years. Suellen is the author of over 20 books on Amazon.

Class duration: 4 Weeks | Sundays November 5th through 26th at 9 am |