All classes are located in the upper Legacy Center in the classrooms

Membership Class

Come early for coffee and doughnuts with Pastor Mirek and Linda. You will complete the Membership requirements in this one session!

Class: Sunday, January 7th at 10:45am 

Biblical Finances

In this refreshing course, you will gain understanding regarding the proper use of your money and what is your responsibility toward the Lord and His Kingdom. Along the way you will gain lots of practical help with everyday spending decisions and future planning.

Instructor is: 

     Elder Willie and Flossie Russell, Author of “Yea, Though I Walk through the Valley of Debt”

Class duration: 5 Weeks | Sundays, September 10th through October 8th at 9 am |

Healing the Pain of the Past

Baggage from the past can hinder the blessings of the present and the future. Why carry around old, hurtful stuff? Learn to let it go and receive the total healing that God intends for you to experience.

Instructor is: 

      Carolyn Moore, Licensed Pastoral Christian Counselor; Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling

Class duration: 3 Weeks | Sundays, October 15th and October 22nd at 9 am |

Faith-Living in Victory

Instructor is: 

      Julie Meert

Class duration: 5 Weeks | Sundays, October 15th through November 12th at 10:45 am |


Instructor is: 

     Mickey and Suellen Estes, Pastors for 17 years. Suellen is the author of over 20 books on Amazon.

Class duration: 4 Weeks | Sundays November 5th through 26th at 9 am |